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Autoleads news for October 2010

October 7, 2010

From October, we are pleased to announce that Autoleads is the Official Exclusive Distributor of the Hushmat Sound Deadening Range in  the UK.

HushMat specializes in reducing unwanted noise in your vehicle by eliminating structural vibration, reducing heat, road noise, engine
noise, wind noise, engine exhaust, and radiant heat.  We are stocking and distributing 4 main products…

HushMat Ultra™ is the installers choice!

  • Eliminates road noise and vibration.
  • Reduces heat up to 40%.
  • Automotive OEM specified and approved!
  • HushMat Ultra requires no pre-cleaning of the application surface.
  • No more acetone or alcohol surface preparation.
  • HushMat Ultra requires no heat guns or messy glue to apply.
  • One-Step application with HushMat Ultra—simply Peel and Stick!
  • Apply to door skin, door frame and door trim panel.
  • Apply to boot floor and boot lid.
  • Apply to floor from firewall to rear deck.
  • Apply to Inside of roof skin.
  • Proven to perform from -30° F to 400° F.

HushMat Silencer Megabond™
Thermal Insulating, Sound Absorbing Foam

  • Provides thermal insulation: Proven to perform up to 300° F.
  • Absorbs higher frequency (600-4000 Hz) airborne noise.
  • Absorbs engine noise coming through the firewall.
  • Absorbs wind noise behind trim panels and headliner.
  • Absorbs road noise coming up through the floor.
  • Absorbs exhaust noise coming through the boot.
  • Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application.
  • Apply directly on top of Ultra for the Ultimate in Sound Quality.

HushMat Quiet Tape™
Another installer-friendly innovation from HushMat!

  • Secures wire harnesses and cables.
  • Prevents nuisance rattles caused by loose wires and cables.
  • Simply Peel and Stick, wrap the wire, or bridge over the top.
  • Adhesion is guaranteed.

Ultra H20™

  • Non-solvent, water-based, and self adhesive.
  • Paintable and sandable when cured.
  • Air drys in 3 hours, maintains flexibility when cured.
  • Seal seams on Street Rod/Hot Rod bodies.
  • Great for damping difficult to reach areas of the vehicle (inner
  • door skin, rear quarter panel skin, under instrument panel.)
  • Apply with standard caulking gun using the included nozzle
  • adapter.
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